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Established in 1981, Goodwell Property Management Limited believes that our success and market competitiveness is based on our people. Talented employees are significant intangible asset and major force to support the company's solid growth. The determination in enhancing the quality standard of our staff's practical and professional knowledge is the foundation of our continual pursuit of providing superior quality living and business environment to our clients.

Induction Training
  1. Mission of the Company
  2. Company Policies and Regulations
  3. Quality Management System
  4. The roles of supporting departments in Head Office

On Job Training
  1. One Day Security Refresher Training
  2. 16 Hours Basic Security Training
  3. Quality Customer Service Skills for Security Staff
  4. Customer Service Skills for Technical Staff
  5. Customer Service Skills for Clubhouse Staff
  6. Caring Inspection Service Training
  7. Occupational Health & Safety Supervisor Training
  8. First-Aid Training
  9. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Course
  10. Mandatory Basic Safety Training (Construction)
  11. Fire Safety Ambassador Training
  12. 5S Workplace Training

Staff Training Sponsorship

To raise and develop the standard of our staff's practical and professional knowledge to their full potential, Goodwell offers staff training sponsorship as follows.

  1. Company-Initiated / Nominated Training Courses
    Department / site managers nominate their subordinates to attend courses that are work-related.

  2. Employee-Initiated Training Courses
    Staff are encouraged to enroll in external courses offered by local or overseas educational institutions. The amount of company sponsorship, binding period and application procedures will be subject to the prevailing Human Resources policies.

Management Trainee Programme
4 Years Management Trainee Programme
To cope with the rapid growth of the property management field, the programme aims to train up trainee with potential capabilities and aspirations to develop his/her career in the field.

Areas of Training

Legal Aspect, Property Management Aspect, General Management Aspect, Building and Facilities Maintenance, Preparation of Annual Budgets and Accounting Reports, Internal Supporting Functions.