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Goodwell Received 1st Runner-Up in “Best Private Slope Maintenance and Landscaping Award”


Goodwell Received 1st Runner-Up in “Best Private Slope Maintenance and Landscaping Award”


Goodwell Property Management Limited (Goodwell) is striving to uplift the quality of living environment of its managed properties through comprehensive environmental and facility management. In addition to greening, Goodwell has successfully integrated the management concepts of safety and ecological conservation in its managed properties through regular slope maintenance and landscape treament. This year, Sceneway Garden, located in Lam Tin, was honored to attain 1st runner-up of “Best Private Slope Maintenance and Landscaping Award” organized by Civil Engineering and Development Department in recognition of its excellent landscape planning and slope maintenance.

Goodwell has been proactively cultivating a stunning display of greenery in the high-density city. By exercising routine maintenance and inspection as well as ensuring diversified botanical collection, the professional horticultural team of the award-winning property - Sceneway Garden has successfully achieved ecological equilibrium of the vegetation covers and landslip prevention in the long term, hence enhancing the safety level of the slopes. The greening slopes highly merge with the enchanting landscape design of the garden, beautifying the estate and benefiting the residents.

Organised by the Civil Engineering and Development Department, “Best Private Slope Maintenance and Landscaping Award” aims at encouraging private slope owners to exercise their maintenance responsibility to keep their slopes safe and green. The co-organisers include Greening, Landscape and Tree Management Section – Development Bureau, the Hong Kong Association of Property Management Companies, the Hong Kong Institute of Landscape Architects and the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers.